Jordi Fernandez

Full Stack Developer

Passionate and experienced freelance developer (for over 4 years), I put my skills and my expertise your service and offer a high quality work. My knowledge in web and mobile development allow me to suggest adequate technical solutions. In addition, I always thrive to learn new skills and try to stay as as possible with the latest trends in web development : I am currently working on multiple personal projects to on different things, such as ReactJS or Symfony latest version !

Work Experiences

Clever Age

Web Developer
Oct 2016 - Current

At Clever Age I was working on a Symfony 3 application in an Agile space where we tried our best to use the SCRUM methodology. My job was to suggests improvements on design and functionalities to the Product Owner. Help design stories, outline and present specifications for web based requirements before proceeding with the development. Finally, I was tasked with fighting bugs, which implies diagnosing and rectifying performances and code issues !

Le Web Francais

Bordeaux, France
Full Stack Developer
Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

At Le Web Français, I translate clients needs into technical specifications. I was also in charge of the realization of multiple projects, using Symfony 2 or Node.js. and front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, I also had the chance to get my hands on technologies such as elasticsearch and multiple test frameworks. Finally I maintained the company and customers Linux web servers


Bordeaux, France
Full Stack Developer
Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Symfony 2 - Node.js environment, some technologies such as elasticsearch, RabbitMQ or even Stripe were also part of the stack ! At MyArtMakers I worked on the conception and realization of multiple features such as real time notifications or an in-app mailbox. I also put a lot of work towards updating the user interface and optimizating the existent features to make them more reliable


Agen, France
IT Assistant
Apr 2013 - Sep 2014

At Neohumanys I was an assistant to the system administrator, which means I was tasked with managing the AD/Exchange servers to follow the flow of incoming/departing users, setting up the workstation and IT related furnitures and worked on some various development projects. I mostly worked on PowerShell projects, however, I also did some basic web development using HTML, CSS and PHP.

Riot Games

Jan 2011 - Jan 2013

During my time as a volunteer Wrenchman for the Riot Games French community I dedicated a lot of time helping players solve entry level technical and non technical issues with the League of Legends launcher and clients. I also took part in reporting bugs to the Riot Games team and the others Wrenchmens. Finally I organized a few events, such as themed tournaments for the french community.


Master's Degree in Information systems and software Engineering

INGESUP Bordeaux
2013 - 2016
At INGESUP I learned the basics about software and web development, during the 3 years of classes and projects I became proficient with multiples languages and tools such as PHP or ECMAScript. I also learned about others frameworks or technologies, such as native applications development or Ionic.

Undergraduate Degree in Electronic and Industrial Data Processing

IUT Bordeaux 1
2011 - 2013
During those two years I learned about electricity production, distribution, and utilisation. We were also teached about Industrial Data Processing, how to code and decode digital and analogic signals and about the systems carrying those signals

Electrotechnics Highschool diploma

Gustave Eiffel Highschool
2009 - 2009

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Expert, 3.5 years
Used in mutliple projects I am experienced with both Symfony 2.8 and 3.3. I mostly developed RESTful APIs, however some projects, such as MyArtMakers also had the frontend realized with Symfony and it's templating engine : Twig


Expert, 3.5 years
Mandatory when using Symfony, I have been working with the most recent versions of PHP (currently working on 7.1) and always try to follow the current best practises.


Proficient, 2 years
Having worked on multiple projects using a JavaScript frontend, mostly consuming webservices I think the speed and flexibility of the language are making of it one of the best frontend tools of the moment

Other Skills



Le Mag


Maison Caprais

Symfony 2.8


Symfony 2.8 / Node.js


Symfony 2.8

Réseau RVP

Symfony 2.8 / Vue.js

Get in Touch

I'm currently taking on freelance work. Wether you are an agency, a professional, or a graphic designer, Feel free to contact so we can discuss about your project. Because my work doesn't stop with the code I analyze your requirements and before suggesting a solution. I will always try to chose and offer a flexible and scalable solution suited your needs without ignoring the maintenance costs !

I can help with the following:

  • App development with ReactJS
  • Front-end development with Vue.js
  • Back-end development with Symfony
  • Back-end development with Express.js
  • Webserver Configuration/maintenance

Drop me a line at or call me at +336-8817-7715